This is a unique, low-calorie protein bar with 40% of the multi-component protein in each bar.

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  • Great-tasting snack
  • Low-sugar and high-fiber
  • Helps you build lean muscle
  • 20 grams of protein

Recommendation for use

Consume between meals or after workout.


When you need a great tasting snack between meals or after your workout, our High Protein Bar is the perfect solution. This is a unique, low calorie protein bar that gives you a whopping 19.5 grams of protein in each serving. That guarantees an energy boost and perfectly complements a high protein diet plan. 

With only 1.5 grams of sugar, the High Protein Bar helps you build lean muscle. Throw a few in your gym bag, purse, car, or backpack to have a handy, delicious snack on-the-go. The High Protein Bar is a great source of fiber and comes in your choice of mouth-watering flavors: Choco-Vanilla, and Strawberry. Whichever flavor you choose and wherever you are, you'll get a great source of nutritious protein that is the perfect snack for those trying to build lean muscle and get all the benefits of a high protein diet. 

Stock up on High Protein Bars for the perfect post-workout snack. Check out the nutritional details below to get the full scoop on their benefits. Extend your endurance and boost your energy on the go with High Protein Bars that have only 1.5 grams of sugar and pack 19.5 grams of protein into each serving: just the right sweetness, yet all the high protein benefits.

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