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Supreme protein for professional athletes and active people. Ideal for everyday consumption.
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  • Low fat, low carbohydrates and low sugar
  • 23g of instantized protein per one serving
  • Naturally occurring 5g of BCAA per serving
  • Enhanced with l-leucine for serious results

Recommendation for use

Stir 30 g powder (2 measuring scoops) in 250 ml water.


Due to the fact that protein is the main building blocks of the muscles, it is highly recommended to use VPLab Gold Whey after workout to provide muscles with protein and also to protect muscles from catabolic processes.

The VPLab Gold Whey is a proof that only one 30g serving of high-quality whey protein after a workout may lead to achievement of serious results. It is intended to meet expenditures of any serious athlete who is maintaining high protein diet and wants to build lean muscles and increase the strength. VPLab Gold Whey has no added sugar and is low fat.

Enhanced with L-leucine even more positive affects the muscle building process, as L-leucine has long been known as the one amino acid that is crucial to gain muscles. It has been engineered from 100% instantized whey protein for easier solubility and miscibility

Designed according to the highest standards, only one serving of Gold Whey, delivers pure and clean protein, 5g of BCAA and fantastic and appetizing flavours.

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