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The single ampoule comes packed with 250 mg of Magnesium and 40 mg of Vitamin C.

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  • Improves nervous and cardiovascular system functions
  • Reduces anxiety and muscle fatigue / cramping
  • Can help reduce headaches and migraines

Recommendation for use

1 ampoule after workout.


Vitamins and minerals can substantially boost your body's ability to protect itself. You can often prevent illness, the cold and even more serious conditions, all by taking the right minerals and vitamins throughout the year. Magnesium and Vitamin C put together pack a mighty punch against several key problems millions of people suffer through annually. 

Do you ever feel anxious, have random cramping or experience muscle fatigue? If so, Magnesium and Vitamin C can help reduce this. It can also help cut down on headaches and migraines if you suffer from these issues. Plus, the combination of these vitamins makes for an excellent defense against cardiovascular conditions. It helps strengthen your heart, improve blood flow and strengthen your arteries and veins. 

The single supplement comes packed with 40 mg of Vitamin C and 250 mg of Magnesium. Beyond the boost in your cardiovascular system and blood flow in the body, if you consume protein for workouts, the supplement promotes protein synthesis. This means the protein breaks down easier and can be delivered to the muscles in need. If you're going to be pumping iron to build muscle, you need to take advantage of all the protein you intake. The Magnesium and Vitamin C supplement helps ensure you do: just take 1 ampoule after your workout to start feeling results.

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