High quality delicious protein bar with 30% protein and minimal amount of sugar.

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  • Contains only 1 g sugar
  • 4 delicious flavors

Recommendation for use

Consume between meals.


Enjoy a timely low carb between meals protein bar boost

Between meals, in your busy life, you'll often appreciate a tasty bar that delivers a consistent energy supply. This is true if you are under the pump at work, perhaps busy heavy lifting materials, or plowing through heavy duty statistics. You might be enjoying the outdoors at the weekend or letting some sweat out at an indoor class. 

When that moment strikes where one meal has delivered all it can, and the next one is still an energetic while away, then our superb Low Carb Protein Bar can deliver an uplift for your body and soul. This low calorie treat delivers just what you'd want in the way of a high protein and fiber content, yet with a tiny single gram of quickly digestible carbohydrates. 

Which taste sensation will you choose for your consistent slow carbohydrate energy deliverer? How about being brighter with red berries, anything but plain by choosing vanilla, clean and sweet with coconut, lost in the gooey goodness of caramel, or every bit as decadent as chocolate can make you feel? 

The choice is yours for this terrifically convenient between meals snack. It delivers protein, amazing taste, yet it contains the merest trace of sugar. It's the perfect pick-up and a great addition to any protein and calorie controlled diet.

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