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Highly effective liquid fat-burning supplement containing L-carnitine, guarana, caffeine and a complex of vitamins.
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  • Added vitamins
  • Accelerates workout intensity

Recommendation for use

Depending on workout intensity, 1–2 servings per day before workout. Drink 12.5 ml pure or diluted with 200 ml water.


Use LipoJets Carnitine to burn, baby, burn!

So, you’ve cleaned up your diet as much as possible – cut out refined carbs, or maybe all carbohydrates. You’re eating lean chicken and organic greens until they come out your ears. You go to the gym five times a week, doing intervals, weights, cardio and more. But somehow it’s not enough and you still aren’t getting that ripped, shrink wrapped look you want so badly. It sounds like you need the help of LipoJets Carnitine! This highly-effective fat burning supplement helps eliminate excess fat stores in the body and accelerates all your efforts. 

What does LipoJets Carnitine contain and what can it do for me, you ask. 

Let’s first look at the ingredients. This product contains hefty amounts of compounds which have been scientifically proven to increase your body’s fat-burning process: 60,000 mg of L-Carnitine, 20,000 mg of Guarana and 4,000 mg of caffeine. Mix up and drink down this delicious lime tea flavoured compound just before your workout - its caffeine will give you an immediate energy boost. The guarana will then kick in to help sustain your energy and mental focus over the course of your routine and the L-Carnitine will greatly increase your fat-burning efforts, especially during aerobic workouts. Try LipoJets Carnitine now! Your new, highly sculpted body will thank you!

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