Your first steps in biohacking

You probably already heard this term and think this is some sort of an embodied technology but let’s get things clearer over here. First of all, this is a systematic approach to human biology, which concentrates on all aspects of body’s activity. It includes sleep patterns, a strict diet with additional supplements, physical activity and a constant control of biochemical changes of your body.

Does it work?

Scientifically it has not yet been proved that biohacking has positive effects on the body. On the other hand, having radical changes in your diet and consuming an enormous amount of different supplements is not considered healthy since some supplements don’t work together and may have a side effect for someone with personal intolerance towards specific ingredient.

Monitoring my body is good though?

Let’s put it this way – having an annual visit to the doctor and proceeding through different basic tests is definitely a good thing. But constantly monitoring the processes of your body is a bit useless. During the year, each season our body adapts to the environment we live in and the results of medical testing may change. Even if you have any manor (or major) medical condition and you may see it in your medical results, taking supplements in order to change certain level will only hide the symptoms. As a result, it may lead to a more long-term therapy.

How about taking DNA tests?

Some of these tests can help you find more suitable medications that will have fewer side effects. Also, these tests can help to indicate any mutations in the genes that can lead to your child abnormality but in order to make this test more accurate, it must be taken by both partners.

Due to test campaigns advertising, most of us believe that DNA tests will help us find the right diet or the most suitable sports. Our bodies are complicated and consist of more than 20 000 genes which can be really hard to be interpreted.

Just a quick reminder that the key ingredients of keeping yourself healthy remain the same. It is a well-balanced diet filled with vegetables and fruits, a physical activity, healthy sleeping habits. Whilst consuming additional supplements and essential vitamins must be in an accordance with your goals, age, physical abilities and recommendations of your GP. But technology is always developing so is medicine so we might see a greater development of biohacking in future. VPLab encourages everyone to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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