Water - The elixir of life

Water is the human’s most vital element and its resources are the most important conditions of our existence. Water plays a massive role in the processes in regulating body’s temperature, improving digestion, joint greasing, healthy muscle maintenance, increasing metabolism, removing toxins and skin moisture. It supplies oxygen, nutrients and glucose to every cell of the body and removes the decay products from the cells.

Low water consumption leads to dark circle formation since your body starts to store water for future use. Also, water deficiency causes rapid fatigability, constant hunger and poor maintenance of the digestive system. In order to avoid the side effects you just need to consume enough water.

Water is great for helping in weight loss and burning fat. Recent studies showed that water plays a major role in the regulation of metabolic rate. It turned out that dehydration slows down the metabolism and therefore fat burning. The less you consume water, the higher is the body’s sodium ions concentration. And here lies the problem since the sodium keeps water in the tissues, which leads to the body "swelling" and we become thicker. Just a small fact - half a teaspoon of salt keeps 1.5 litres of water in the intestine. And this might be the reason of that extra 2.5-4 cm on your waistline.

So how much should you drink? It's easily calculated: 30 ml of water for every kilogram of your weight. For example, with a weight of 63 kg, you should drink about two litres of water per day, which is approximately equal to nine glasses.

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