Morning VS evening workout

If you still can’t decide if you are a morning person or the one who hits ‘snooze’ button constantly, here are some fit-facts that will help you build your workout plans.

Morning training

Hunger games

If your goal is to lose weight then set the alarm for 6:00 AM. According to opinion polling those who start their day with workout have lower appetite during the day, since the body produces less hormones responsible for hunger.

Fast and Furious fat burn

Have you ever heard of glycogen? Well it’s a form of energy developed from glucose (aka his majesty Sugar) and the lowest glycogen level is in the morning. Every time you hit start button on the treadmill your body needs about 20 min of training to burn glycogen before it gets to your fat. But here is the good news - having your training on an empty stomach will burn glycogen TWICE faster, which means – less time for cardio needed.


During your sleep, our blood thickens and the blood circulation is slowed down, which means your morning workout can overload the heart and blood vessels. Don’t forget to drink at least a glass of water 10 minutes prior your training.

Evening training

Do you even lift?

Are you planning on building those muscles? If your answer is yes, then evening training is more suitable for you. But bear in mind that the calorie expenditure will continue at night for muscle recovery. In order to help your muscles grow faster even when you are asleep, don’t forget to take your Casein before you go to bed.

Face your calories

There are some lucky people out there who are quite happy with their shape and would like to keep it the same way. Before you hit the gym in the evening you can easily count your sins calories that you consumed during the day. So you can limit your workout just to burn anything excessive you had during the day.


The main harm that evening training can carry in itself is the quality of sleep, which it can affect if the body haven’t had enough time to recover completely and normalise body’s activity. But you can easily escape that if you plan your training, not in the dead of night.

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