How to motivate yourself?

A reward

General goals such as “great health”, “active wellness”, and amazing body” or “I’m in the trend are good but usually are not good enough to be followed. According to psychological research, people need a more physical goal. So why not come up with a reward “system” for your efforts? Watching a great movie, doing some shopping, skipping home routine for a day or maybe having a small (and we are talking small) yet tasty treat would serve as a great motivation.

Our brain loves to make a cause-and-effect link in order to build our habits. Over the time your motivation will work by itself since the brain will associate sweat and pain with the upcoming satisfying reward.

A public announcement

It’s great to be a ‘man of your words’ buuut usually it’s much more complicated. But making a promise publicly on your social profile will put some serious responsibility on your shoulders. Also, you can take it to the next level – offer to make a bet with your friends. The material part of this bet will work both ways so that you and your friends will have a reason to keep up with your promises and especially your progress.

A Reminder

Another stepping stone to activate your motivation is a constant reminder of why you want to do it. Make a mood board with your goals and aims so you can always have a glimpse of what you want to achieve. Put notes\stickers\reminders everywhere in order to make your environment also inspiring in your progress. And don’t forget to pack your sports bag in advance and keep it in the middle of your room.


  • Make up a reward system and treat yourself every time you have worked out
  • Make a public announcement
  • Make a wager with your friend so that they would also be interested in following your progress
  • Place small reminders all over the place

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