Yet another wonderful season is just around the corner, but sadly that also means being at greater risk of catching a cold, having a sore throat and stuffy nose.  

To enjoy all the fantastic outdoor winter sports, like ice skating, skiing and snowboarding or just wandering around the snow-white town with a cup of hot chocolate or your favourite tea, you must take care of your immune system like no other season.

Even if you’ve taken care of your body all year long by leading an active and healthy lifestyle, now is the perfect time to enrich your body with vitamins, minerals, extracts and other elements for you to feel even better, stronger and healthier!

Here’s a bunch of VPLab and VP laboratory products that will help you get through winter in your best shape, so you can have fun doing your favourite activities inside the gym and outside!

To provide your immune system with all the essential elements, choose Ultra Immune. Its superb complex contains vitamins, minerals and fiber that is crucial for supporting immune system, as well as nine strains of active bacteria cultures (Bifidolactus).

Another premium formula is Sambucus Echinacea+ that contains superior blend of Sambucus, Echinacea, vitamin C, zinc and selenium for strong immune system protection. Traditionally both herbs are used to fight colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections; therefore, the supplement is perfect for cold season.

For supporting your immune system and muscles during winter activities, use Magnesium + Vitamin C in ampoules and Magnesium & B6! Both supplements will provide energy, strengthen musculoskeletal and nervous system and support cognitive functions.

However, if you feel like you could use just a little bit more help in enriching your body with essentials, we highly recommend taking Daily 1. It contains 25 daily most necessary vitamins and minerals that will support not only your immune system, but also just about every part of your body! It contains digestive enzymes for maximum absorption of nutrients, which means higher effectiveness. And the best part? It comes as a 100-day supply – perfect to get you through all winter!

Even though Daily 1 fits everyone, we do offer super-strong multivitamin complex Ultra Women’s, developed in accordance with female physiology, and Ultra Men’s Sport, developed in accordance with male physiology. 5 superior blends, perfect immune, nervous and digestive system support and so much more in each formula to get you through the toughest of times during cold, intense physical activities and on a daily basis. If you are looking for something that will suit your body and mind, these complexes are worth checking out.

If by any chance you are reading this a little too late and already have a cold or you communicate with someone who has a cold, you can reduce or prevent inflammation process by using Curcumin & Vitamin D3. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory formula with antioxidant properties and fantastic bioavailability. It will also support your immune system, musculoskeletal system and provide overall optimal functioning of the body. Unofficial source has also informed that curcumin can help boost your mood, which is a great bonus, if you ask us.

There are many options how you can improve your immune system, you just have to choose what suits you best! Make sure to check more information about products mentioned in this article or other products on our webstore so you can be at your best shape every day of the year.

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